UNICEF seeking a CoP facilitator

A topic close to my heart having developed the CoP platform for UK local government (http://www.communities.idea.gov.uk). With over 1000 facilitated CoPs working towards improvement in public services, there may be some facilitators looking for a new or additional challenge for a very worthwhile cause.

Amplify’d from www.alnap.org

UNICEF is seeking a Communities of Practice (CoP) Facilitator to maintain three communities of practice. The CoPs are intended to support wider knowledge management for stronger humanitarian action, providing effective networks for generation and sharing of knowledge on selected issues in humanitarian action. They address topics where the exchange among individual field staff is needed to fill gaps in existing policy and technical guidance, and/or facilitate application of existing policy and guidance. The three CoPs are: Humanitarian Negotiations with Non State Entities (active since September 2009 – 241 members) Gender Equality in Humanitarian Action (active since November 2009 – 161 members) and Disaster Risk Reduction (list of 65 interested members that will be approved upon revision of content). The contract will initially be for 4 months and may be extended for an additional 7 months depending on performance.

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