Social Media Glossary

David Wilcox over at Designing for Civil Society has done an excellent job in putting together a social media glossary. I’m sure this will become a definitive reference source for many people involved in this fascinating and developing topic, and the fcat that it’s available under a Creative Commons licence will promote its widespread use across a plethora of other web sites.

It also stimulated me to think once more about creating a wiki glossary of local government terms. Something I was keen on doing during my previous tenure as Head of Knowledge at the IDeA, but it floundered against a whole raft of other priorities.  The observant reader may note there is already a glossary of terms on the IDeA web site, but this in not definitive, and barely keeps up to date with the changing initiatives happening across the public sector. I wonder if there is any interest out there in demystifying some of the jargon used in local gov?


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