Seesmic Desktop 2 Brings More than 40 Social Networking Apps to One Window

I’ve recently installed the new version (have been using Seesmic 1 for some time) and can verify the credentials described here. It’s a great way of joining up conversations that are happening in an increasingly dissagreagrated social web environment. In fact, precisely the approach we are taking with the Knowledge Hub project – sometimes referred to as “Communities of Practice 2.0” ( Seems like we’re all suffering from the same problems and coming to similar solutions.

Seesmic Desktop 2 Brings More than 40 Social Networking Apps to One Window

The renovated platform is designed to provide individuals with an all-in-one destination for the most popular social media services available today. By downloading the app, users can combine the functionality of Twitter, Facebook (NewsAlert), LinkedIn and a number of other well-known sites—all in a single window.

What really sets this version apart from its predecessor though is the fact that it is equipped with plug-in architecture that is capable of supporting literally dozens of other services, including content that is not related to social networking. Other sites that are currently available in Seesmic’s library include Foursquare, Google Buzz,, TwitPic and YouTube (NewsAlert). People can browse to see what services are available then add, remove and even customize different apps, all while remaining in Seesmic’s interface.

“The inspiration to build SD2 came from the understanding that our users desired support of many different social services, more than just Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin,” wrote founder Loic Le Meur in a recent blog post.

He added that Seesmic plans on making many more applications available to the public in the near future, including E-Bay, ZenDesk, Gowalla, GroupOn, Visa, Blippy and Mint, according to TechCrunch. Users who are interested in a specific app that is not accessible through Seesmic can contact the San Francisco startup and request that it be added to the catalogue.


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