Official Google Blog: Update on Google Wave (goodbye)

So, it will soon be a Wave goodbye to Google’s innovative email-cum-social-media-cum-social-networking environment. Credit them with trying something new, and not being afraid to admit it hasn’t been all things to all people. I was one of the early adopters, but soon found I couldn’t easily integrate Wave into the way I worked – partly because it never did gain a critical mass of users and I was constantly hopping in and out of the environment. I wonder also if I’m the only one who found the interface quite confusing? Any product that needs a 1 hour video to explain how to use it should cause a moment of reflection for the developers.

Still it seems some useful lessons have been learnt – which is all part and parcel of innovation – and much of the coding is available as open source should other developers which to use or re-purpose any of the modules.

Just wondering when and where the next ‘big thing’ will appear from? I’m going to bet that Google have got something else up their sleeve.

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