Andrew Stott at Managing Public Sector Information 2010

Andrew Stott speaking at the Managing Public Sector Information conference – 1st March 2010.

Spoke about background to Power of Information and Making Public Data Public and Public Data principles – Putting the Frontline First.

Public data will be available and easy to find through a single easy to use online access point – launched 21st January 2010. 

Note by methis provides an access point and some metadata, but is NOT a data repository of open or linked data, as many people seem to think. Big headache for me in continually explaining this to people following progress of the Knowledge Hub.

New licence terms for use of government open data are being developed by OPSI in consultation with Creative Commons. More details on the Perspectives blog.

No time for questions – Andrew had to dash off – only time for two questions from the delegates, so couldn't verify whether Andrew was aware of the Knowledge Hub project, which will be focused on open and linked Local Government data.

Meeting tomorrow (2nd March) with Prof Nigel Shadbolt who chairs the Local Data Panel to make sure Khub is joined up with Gov open/linked data initiatives.
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