Access to Gov data – where the US leads, the UK will follow?

Americans are turning in large numbers to government websites to access information and services. Fully 82% of internet users (representing 61% of all American adults) looked for information or completed a transaction on a government website in the twelve months preceding this survey. Some of the specific government website activities in which Americans take part include:48% of internet users have looked for information about a public policy or issue online with their local, state or federal government.So will we be seeing the same sort of appetite for (Gov/Local Gov) data consumption in the UK? I believe so, and – better late than never – the ‘Make Public Data Public’ initiative and access to public data afforded by will I’m sure drive similar interest and citizen take-up. The momentum is starting to build, and we’re seeing the birth of 21st century government, which is going to be a lot more transparent than it’s discredited 20th century version.

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