Nobel Peace Prize Winners – Three Incredible Women

Nobel Peace Prize Winners – Three Incredible Women

I was privileged to be in the audience yesterday at the Oslo City Hall for the CNN interview with the three Nobel Peace Prize Winner Laureates; Yemen’s Tawakku Karman, Liberia’s Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and her compatriot Leymah Gbowee. The first time the prize has been awarded to three women. 

Well worth watching the interview, not only to get a true sense of the incredible achievements of these three ladies in making a stand against oppression, corruption and terrorism, but also the robust response to some slightly naive (condescending?) questioning from the interviewer, Jonathan Mann.  You do not tangle with these three ladies! I personally felt very humbled by what they have individually achieved – well deserved winners of this prestigious award.   #ciscopss #nobel #oslo

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