Founder of Digg resigns

Kevin Rose, founder of the Digg social media website has resigned. Confirmation if any were needed of the fickle nature of social web users. However, user loyalty was sorely tested by the radical new design of the site which appeared to have been implemented with minimal consultation or collaboration with the users. A case of voting with your feet I guess, and proof that incremental design improvement (as in Facebook) is less risky than evolutionary change.

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It was only a few weeks ago that we reported on social media site Digg and its new look after it went through a redesign in an attempt to rejuvenate interest. When the social news site was founded it quickly gained popularity but it’s no secret that the site has struggled to keep up with the likes of other social media sites and now, only weeks after its revamp, its founder Kevin Rose has resigned.

When the new-look Digg was first unveiled in August many users were unhappy with the changes and stopped using the service and despite the more recent changes, the company has failed to stop its decline. Kevin Rose issued a tweet to confirm the news, which partly read, “I’ll continue advising Digg / on the board of directors and taping Diggnation (as I have been since [Matt Williams] joined).”


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