Photo’s for the funeral service or the wake. Contact me if you want to add some of your own photos.

Selection of photo’s to be shown during the opening and closing music. Not in any specific order, but the order will need to be given to Rainsbrook on the memory stick. I understand that Lorna and Ellie want the photo of their dad on Mt Kilimanjaro as the first photo. I have photos of Kilimanjaro, but maybe not the one they have in mind. Photo to be provided. There are 29 photo’s in the gallery below. We have a max of 30 photos. If you want more than 1 added, let me know which ones to remove.

Best to check the one with the banana. It illustrate’s Adrian’s sense of humour, but not sure if it is appropriate for the funeral service. Let me know if you want it removed.

Any photo’s you want added or deleted need to be sent to me by 25th Nov at the latest, so that I can burn to a memory stick and post it. We have problems here with post – the entire sorting office is currently in isolation. The earlier I post, the better.

Also note, the writing in white at the bottom of each photo is only for the purpose of this gallery. It does not appear on the original photos that will be put on the memory stick for Rainsbrook.

The gallery only shows thumbnail photos which cuts off some of the original photo. If you right click on any photo and open in a new browser tab it should show the full photo.