Thomson Reuters gears up for 21st century business

Interesting news story in the FT about one of my old employers – Reuters (now Thomson Reuters).  I particularly liked the quote from Devon Wenig about catering for the 23 year old who has grown up with Google.  Abstract from the story below:

Thomson Reuters will on Wednesday unveil the biggest overhaul of its markets division since the merger that formed the financial and professional information group was completed two years ago this week.

A series of product launches starting next week and culminating in the autumn will bring together products from the former Reuters and Thomson Financial for the first time into two simplified platforms, one aimed at enterprises such as large banks, the other aimed at individual users such as small hedge funds.

The web-based platforms, which replace traditional terminal commands with online search, were part of a drive to cater to “the 23-year-old at Goldman Sachs who grew up with Google”, said Devin Wenig, chief executive of Thomson Reuters Markets.

They are also aimed at distinguishing Thomson Reuters from Bloomberg, its arch-rival, which invested heavily through the financial crisis but has remained committed to its one-size-fits-all terminals.

If only more organisations would realise that their 20th century IT tools are stifling a new generation of employees that have grown up with Web 2.0 tools and being connected 24/7. Good for Thomson Reuters, clearly one of the more enlightened companies!

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