Plain English Campaign releases Drivel Defence

The Plain English Campaign has just released a JavaScript-based application called Drivel Defence.The authors of the application allege that it will help authors assess their writing for Plain English as part of a general effort to improve accessibility. The idea is that you cut and paste your ‘drivel’ from a Word document or web site into the applet and you will get an analysis of words per sentence, average sentence length and the longest sentence.There are two options for download:Drivel Defence for Text. This allows you to check text by copying it from any software or document. It’s ideal for letters or reports. Drivel Defence for Web. This is a tool specifically to help website developers check whether the content of web pages is in plain English.Right – so where shall I start? I think maybe the HMRC website is as good a place as any. I may at last be able to have a version of the self-assesment form that I can understand!

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