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I’ve been following WolframAlpha for some time – they have an intriguing (some may say mysterious) business model based on a very powerful semantic search platform with ability to answer any and every question with speed and accuracy. I was intrigued therefore when I came across these (new?) apps, which appear to be opening up an entirley new channel for online/mobile education.

No doubt other players are looking at this market (Open University?) but I think that WoframAlpha are currently ahead of the game.

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An app for every course...

Gain a competitive advantage with Wolfram Course Assistant Apps. Each app is custom designed
specifically for today’s popular courses. Wolfram
Course Assistant Apps use an intuitive interface that guides you through
the coursework to help you solve problems, not just give you the answers.

As the makers of Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha, we have been providing solutions in education for over 20 years. Now we’re combining expert-level data, high-performance computation, and state-of-the-art interface design to give you the power to excel in all your classes—right in the palm of your hand.

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