Martha Lane Fox wants all citizens of working age online

A noble aim, but is it a realistic target? After all there is:
(a) no budget
(b) no incentive for retailers to provide cheap or subsidised access
(c) dogged reluctance from some to use the internet (even if it was free)
(d) little support for novice users once they are connected

I bet the phishing sites and spammers will have field day if the target is achieved. All those new (and naive) punters. Come to think of it, they really do have an incentive to see this target met – maybe they are a source of potential funding?

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UK digital champion Martha Lane Fox wants to get everyone of working age online by 2012.

The Networked Nation Manifesto, published on Monday, also highlights the lack of net access “among the disadvantaged, unemployed and retired”.

However, the issue of who will pay for it all has yet to be addressed.

The manifesto also suggests that retailers should provide “internet access packages for people on low incomes and the elderly, with low up-front costs, affordable monthly payments, and ongoing support”.


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